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Homemade Hop Candy

After seeing a post in /r/homebrewing subreddit a few days ago about homemade hop candy, I thought it was a great way to use up some ‘lose’ hops and see if there is a difference between the varieties in the … Continue reading

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Wine Fermentation Update March 2013

Today my wine partner and I sampled our Rose Hip Wine and Rhubarb wine that we put together back in November. Both should be ready to bottle, and are with the exception of the Rhubarb being somewhat cloudy still. I … Continue reading

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Cherry Mead

After seeing the 100% Cherry Juice being sold at Trader Joe’s I was intrigued about seeing if I could pull off a Cherry Mead without it tasting like cough syrup. So, I bought two 1 qt jars and picked up … Continue reading

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Dry Stout

A basic 1 gallon Dry Stout recipe.  Note that I ground up the roasted barley in this to almost dust.  This was a recipe pretty much straight from Jamil Zainasheff in Brewing Classic Styles.  

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Hard Cider 2013

I made up a quick batch of hard apple cider on January 2, 2013.  I didn’t add any extra sugar, just used the natural sugars in the juice.   1 gallon SG 12 (1.048) Added Lavlin 71B-1122 yeast Yeast energizer … Continue reading

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Fermentation Updates Feb 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve rock & rolled. Alright, a quick update on all things fermentation from here.  I’ve been lax in posting and generally brewing, I need to kick it up a notch. The Rhubarb Wine – I’ve … Continue reading

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Fermentations Update

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately, I just haven’t brewed this past 3-4 weeks.  I have been tending to the wine though and finally transferred both the Rose Hip Wine & Rhubarb wine to secondary fermenters. My Pseudo Munich … Continue reading

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