Wine Fermentation Update March 2013

Today my wine partner and I sampled our Rose Hip Wine and Rhubarb wine that we put together back in November. Both should be ready to bottle, and are with the exception of the Rhubarb being somewhat cloudy still. I will rack that over and let it settle for a few weeks and if there is no improvement I may try something else (bentonite or sparkalloid maybe?) in the fining department.

The Rose Hip Wine was a slight yellow color, clear, and tasted very dry like a very tart dry white wine. It measured out at 10B (down from an estimated 24B) so about 13.1% ABV.
The Rhubarb wine was a cloudy pink, still with a sweet smell and a touch too sweet. The problem here is that it measured out at 14B, started at 29B and is now around 14.7% ABV I believe my 71B yeast crapped out. I added just a touch too much sugar. A good note for my future batches with 71B – get to around 27 – 28B for a good level.

So, we’ve decided to blend these two, instead of back sweetening one, and pitching champagne yeast into the other. We tried a sample blended and it wasn’t very bad at all. I’m not totally happy, but for my first foray into wine making, not too bad.

Stay tuned, I’ll take some pictures before / after my clearing attempts with the Rhubarb wine, and also of the blending and of course my first wine bottling experience. Hope to be at that point in about one month.

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