Cherry Mead

cherrymead_March_2013After seeing the 100% Cherry Juice being sold at Trader Joe’s I was intrigued about seeing if I could pull off a Cherry Mead without it tasting like cough syrup. So, I bought two 1 qt jars and picked up their 100% tart Cherry Juice (1 qt) as well. Looking back I would have just gone all tart cherry juice to reduce the chance of the cough syrup effect I think. But here I am anyways.
For my 1 gallon recipe I mixed the 3 one quart jars and added honey (from Costco) to get to 1.100 SG (25 Brix).  It was about 1 lbs of honey give or take.

Actually, let me work through the calculation:
The juice was 1.060 (15 B)
Honey is somewhere around 42 points / pound / gallon (ppg)
So to get 1.100 I needed 40 more points for my gallon
This means I used 40 points / 42 ppg to give me .95 pounds of honey used.

The rest of the ingredients:
1/8 tsp DAP
1/8 tsp Yeast Energizer
3 g of 71B-1122 Lavlin Narbonne
4.5g of Go-Ferm to rehydrate the yeast at 95F

I had visible fermentation in about 4 hours
After 1 day SG was 24B
After 2 days 21B
After 3 days 18B

Added 1/16 tsp Yeast Energizer & 1/16 tsp DAP at 3 days. Should have added after day 2 at 21B instead of 18B

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