Fermentation Updates Feb 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve rock & rolled.

Alright, a quick update on all things fermentation from here.  I’ve been lax in posting and generally brewing, I need to kick it up a notch.

Rhubarb Wine 2.5 months

Rhubarb Wine 2.5 months

The Rhubarb Wine – I’ve just racked over to a 3 gallon better bottle & sampled.  It was originally 29B and now is 15B, down from 16B on 11/27/12, so pretty much done.  This puts it right at 12%abv and 1.026 correct SG.  The taste is still too sweet (added too much sugar to this recipe) so I am thinking of adding some champagne yeast and seeing if that does anything.  Not sure, that is a pretty tough environment to get fermenting started in.

Rose Hip Wine

Rose Hip Wine

Rose Hip Wine – I didn’t sample this yet, I need to get a small auto-syphon to use in these 1 gallon bottles, so I will transfer later this week.  One problem.  One bottle looks darker brown and its airlock was almost dry.  My mistake.  I may have an oxidized / vinegarized bottle of wine there.  The other bottle looks fine.  I’ll know more later this week.

I’ll have more to post later this week after I use some of the Champagne yeast on the rhubarb wine and then transfer over the rose hip wine.

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