Fermentations Update

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately, I just haven’t brewed this past 3-4 weeks.  I have been tending to the wine though and finally transferred both the Rose Hip Wine & Rhubarb wine to secondary fermenters.

My Pseudo Munich Dunkel is ready to bottle, I’ll knock that out later this week once I get another day off from work.

My next brew I now want to make up a Cranberry Wheat.  I listened to a Basic Brewing Radio podcast & Chris (editor of BYO) brought up his annual Cranberry Wheat recipe & it sounds intriguing.

Also, I want to knock out a SwarzenKolsch.  I had a Flat Tail Brewing Wetsuit Swarzenkolsch & tweeted about how it would be a great home brew experiment.  Mixing a nice Kolsch yeast & base with a swarzenbier malt bill.  Flat Tail tweeted back to me that they would let me know the recipe if I wanted it.

Sure enough!  I now have their recipe & will brew it after I do the Cranberry Wheat, likely both this next week.  I will send along a sample of the SwarzenKolsch to Flat Tail for some feedback.

Rhubarb Wine Sample- Still Chunky

Rhubarb Wine Sample- Still Chunky

Full Fermenters

Full Fermenters


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