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Tmave Vycepni 10 Brewday #19

Today was my first brewing of a lager. The thought was to 1) take advantage of my cold basement and also 2) take advantage of Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager’s purported ability to ferment pretty clean at warmer temps. My basement … Continue reading

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First Yeast Rinsing (Washing)

After much reading, reviewing and contemplation, I decided to give yeast washing (really rinsing) a shot. First, what is Yeast Rinsing?  It’s simply adding boiled and cooled water to a yeast cake, mixing it up, and pouring into another container. … Continue reading

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Bottling Trick

I can’t claim any originality in this idea, I picked it up here.  This is a real back saver, and I thought I would pass it on. I had been reading a bit on about improving the whole bottling … Continue reading

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First Tasting Of “St Teresas” Irish Red Ale

And a new name, a final name for the Irish Red ale.  My wife gave the name, she is always in charge of the creative work.  Teresa is a good friend of hers that should be here in about a … Continue reading

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S.O.B Black Heart Imp Stout

Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a strong refreshing dark malty beer.  Sometimes it is OK not to only drink a session beer, and instead imbibe in something a tad stronger.  Tonight I’m enjoying Southern Oregon Brewing seasonal, … Continue reading

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Bottle Woes

Another bottling day today, and it’s just a reminder of how much I dislike bottling. Maybe someday I’ll get set back up for kegging. In the meantime, I will just tough it out and bottle. I packaged up my brew … Continue reading

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