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Brewday #17 – Moose Drool Clone

In this brew day I accomplished a much needed task and that was to carefully keep track of my water volumes.  Why?  So I could calculate my efficiency and get a better ability to hit both starting gravity (SG) and volume into … Continue reading

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A New Brewery Toy

This is one of the essential items in a homebrewery.  At least one needs a analog scale, and really it is nice to have a digital one.  Mine is simple, 0-5000 grams (11 pounds) and shows values as low as … Continue reading

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Update on St Teresas Irish Red

Well, after not getting my water volumes exactly where I wanted them, my OG ended up at 1.066 (17 Brix).  So now I will have to term this Keeney’s Imperial Irish Red Ale.  Today (nine days of fermentation) I measured … Continue reading

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Brewday #16 – St Teresas Irish Red Ale

So another Brew in A Bag (BIAB) batch, and I’m reminded again I need a larger boil kettle/pot.  Without adding water after the mash in the bag, I can only get about 3 gallons in my fermenter.   It was … Continue reading

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